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History of Hakai Lodge – Salmon Fishing Lodges in BC

Hakai Lodge is world-famous for its fantastic fishing and friendly atmosphere. Opened in 1972, the Lodge is kept tidy and running smoothly by an efficient and accommodating staff. Hakai is perfect for families, corporate groups, and all fishing enthusiasts who return year after year to catch the trophy salmon and huge halibut that have made the area famous.

Hakai Lodge is one of the most established salmon fishing lodges in BC located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It all began in 1972 when Dwaine Howard bought a large yacht and scouted the Canadian coast all the way from Prince Rupert to Campbell River. He found the perfect spot for fishing at Hakai Pass because it provides such a long, productive fishing season.

Howard found a scenic, protected, convenient spot at Hakai Pass – and Hakai Lodge was born.

The Lodge quickly became popular and grew until Howard could no longer manage the entire operation. In 1984, Howard brought in a partner – Byron Swanson – who has run the fishing operations ever since, freeing Howard up to manage the business aspects. They like to say that Hakai Lodge is “Old Fashioned – Professionally Run”.

Swanson helped expand the operation – adding buildings, staff and equipment. Hakai Lodge now includes 16 buildings accommodating over 30 guests and about 14 staff. Swanson created a very family-oriented, comfortable atmosphere as the Lodge expanded.

In keeping with the times, the newest upgrade to the Lodge was the addition of Wi-Fi hotspots to allow guests to stay connected with the rest of the world as they enjoy the seclusion of Hakai Pass.

In 2010 Howard retired and Clyde Carlson took his place. As owner of the regional seaplanes that service fishing lodges such as Hakai, Clyde brings decades of business expertise to the operation of Hakai Lodge.

With its friendly staff, world-class fishing, and comfortable accommodations, Hakai Lodge is a favorite for many long-time guests who have been returning each summer for literally decades now – some since the very beginning over 40 years ago. Hakai attracts a mix of couples, families, corporate groups and individuals.

When you visit Hakai Lodge, you are assured of the very best fishing available, and that you will be hosted by friendly and very professional owners who have owned and operated the resort hands-on since the very beginning.  Of Salmon Fishing Lodges in BC the family run feeling is the difference you will feel and see.  Come up and enjoy.  We would love to see you!